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Suprised emoticon
Oh my!
Common text format symbols: =O, :o, :O
Emotion(s): Surprise, shock
Related emoticons: Bug-eyed

Surprise is an expression of shock. The characters ":" or "=" and "o"

or "O" commonly make up the basic emoticon symbol for surprise. Example: Really? :O


Some other variants include:

  • :o
  • :O
  • D:
  • o.O
  • o.o
  • O.o
  • o_o
  • O_O
  • o_O
  • O_o
  • 0.0
  • o-o
  • o-O
  • O-o
  • O-O
  • 0_0
  • 0_O
  • O_0
  • O.O
  • 0____0
  • OoO
  • {:-6

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