Example Edit


What it means Edit

This emoticon shows a little emoticon passing his waffle to his friend. He doesn't really want to but that's what friends do.

What it's made of Edit

Two pairs of brackets.

Two commas.

One hash tag.

Two greater than and less than sign.

Two ^.

One full stop.

How to make it Edit

Step 1. Add the less than sign: <

Step 2. Use the space bar and add the opening bracket: < (

Step 3. Add the comma: < (,

Step 4. Add the dash: < (,_

Step 5. Add the comma: < (,_,

Step 6. Add the closing bracket: < (,_,)

Step 7. Add the more than sign: < (,_,)>

Step 8. Add the hash tag: < (,_,)>#

Step 9. Add the less than sign: <(,_,)>#<

Step 10. Add the opening bracket