Hi Five Emoticon
Common Text Format Symbols
^5, o/\o
Congratulating, happiness
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What it means Edit

Hi Five is giving a hi five. The symbols "^" and "5" make this up. It can also be styalized with two "O"'s, a "/", and a "\". ^5 and o/\o are these symbols.

Examples Edit

Congrats ^5

Cool o/\o

What it is made out of Edit


One caret.

One number '5'.


Two lowercase 'o's.

One forwards slash; one backwards.

How to make it Edit


Step 1. Add the caret: ^

Step 2. Add the five: ^5

Step 3. Done!

o/\o: Step 1. Add the lowercase 'o': o

Step 2. Add the forwards slash: o/

Step 3. Add the backwards slash: o/\

Step 4. Add the lowercase 'o': o/\o

Step 5. Done!