Glasses Emoticon
Common text format symbols: 8-), 8)
Emotion(s): Wearing Glasses, Happy or Sad
Related emoticons: Grinning, Sad

Glasses are an accessory worn over eyes to improve sight. The letters '8' and ')' make up the basic emoticon symbol for glasses, '8)'.

there can be many different glasses,

  • 8=D sun glasses on head (or for dirty minds, a little wang)
  • 8D round glasses
  • BD Sun glasses.
  • B) Sun glasses are usually with the upper case letter B to symbolize the large lenses.

Sad Glasses:

  • B-(
  • 8-(
  • B(
  • 8(
  • B|
  • 8|
  • DB
  • D8


8-) Happy Glasses

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