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Crying emoticon
Common text format symbols:  :'( OR :_( OR T_T OR ;_; OR QQ
Emotion(s): Crying
Special theme: Sadness, grief
Related emoticons: Sad

Several emoticons can be used to represent crying. They are as follows:

  •  :'(
  •  :_(
  • T_T
  •  ;_;
  • QQ

The emoticons are generally used to express sadness or grief. :'( and :_( in particular indicate grief due to the mouth's position in the symbols.

In T_T the horizontal line at the top of the letter T represents the slit of an eye and the vertical line represents tear flowing beneath it. The underscore represents the bottom part of a face.

In ;_; the underscore represents the bottom part of a face and the semi-colons represent eyes and tears. This emoticon creates a sense of despair

In QQ, the circular part of the letter represents eyes and the lines on the bottom-right of each glyph represents tears sliding out from the eyes. It has become popular in online computer games due to the ability to easily use it as a verb or in a sentence.

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